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What a tragic mistake ☄️ 2017 DU34 If you are gifted...[spoiler] S05E03 - Someone had their revenge What is the doctor's best course of action? Her big eyes ruins the movie for me How long did it take you to realize that it is trash? The little girl The most successful non-animated underwater movie so far My guideline of movie ratings on a scale of 1-10 View all posts >

Replies 🤞🤞 I would be impressed if those drones perform this- Forest built the statue in memory of his daughter. It doesn't move. I was expecting it would collapse and destroy the DEVS by the end. Critical thinking In case that link doesn't work, here is the one I am watching now: THE COLOR OF CORONAVIRUS ( Man Suspected of Planning Attack on Missouri Hospital Is Killed, Officials Say ( WHITE SUPREMACISTS REPORTEDLY DISCUSSED USING COVID-19 AS A WEAPON AGAINST MINORITIES ( We cannot blame the general public, especially when they have fewer choices. It is the administration and its experts who must avoid making "good intentions, bad outcomes" rule like this. If people with the "immunity certificate" have advantages in living life and finding jobs, I'm afraid that some unemployed people might desperate enough to risk their lives to get sick for this certificate. A "vaccine/immunity certificate" would be a fair choice when the vaccine for COVID 19 becomes available. Tandoori Chicken View all replies >