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Good job, Jake. That is exactly how I would explain it. Although, one little detail is easy to miss: the soil is desertized and the machine has to use some desert agriculture technique to grow crops. That might explain why the mother thought the original human are not good. The daughter slapping the woman face is also symbolic as if the future generation blaming us did little to nothing to save the environment. Sansa Stark and Theon Greyjoy survive the jump from the castle. Their accents might ruin the show, only if it is a serious one. Instead, it is more like another anti-Russia black comedy like the movie "The Death of Stalin". I say they should all speak in English with Russian accents like this: [url]'s send our bio-robot cleaning the roof.&tl=uk&total=1&idx=0&textlen=43&tk=984241.630641&client=webapp&prev=input[/url] LMAO Sansa is the smartest one among those noble houses because she is thinking ahead. Tyrion tricks the rest thinking there will be another election when Bran die since he couldn't have his heir. I was laughing at that point: How old was the previous three-eyed raven? Over a thousand years old! Yes, that is the beauty of this show. Both emotion and rationality need time to be processed, before reaching the right conclusion. Same for every character in the show, including the dragon. And I guess you didn't get the hint from what I meant by "further madness". Let's say, Drogon manages to find someone like Melisandre in the far east and the lord of the light gives Dany second chance for what she did to save mankind. Since he melts the iron throne, his mother might finally find her sanity after the resurrection. But I guess that would be another tale in the spinoff. Emotionally Drogon wants to burn Jon Snow to death but rationally he know that stopping his mother from further madness is the right thing to do. So, he redirects the anger and grief towards the Iron throne which was the only thing Dany cares about in her last days. There are many documentary films about this infamous serial killer, and this film mainly shows us how this "bright" (or "smart" as your preference) man [b]deceived and manipulated[/b] a lot of people, including some not-so-bright young females. This game will only end when there is no throne left to win. It was definitely the horse of the commander of the Golden Company as it has the pink mark on the nose. 4 seconds of this episode is dedicated to showing us how it dead in the dragon fire. So Ayra, riding this horse, disappeared in the distance would indicate the end story of her (no one left on her list anyway)... Unless the resurrection of the horse is another miracle and Ayra still has some unfinished business of the lord? View all replies >