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"you'd be offended by someone saying he f***** your Mama" I hope you don't take the offensiveness of the Major's fellatio story too personal, regardless it is meant to be true or not. Otherwise, stop reading right here and ignore the rest of my reply. It is obvious that the Major wanted to provoke the General and then shot him. But it is illogical to say that his intention somehow suggests he was lying, because he won't need to fabricate a story if he already has the real account to provoke Sandy. Again the clue- how do you explain that Marquis knew the full name of Sandy's son and the fact that he was dead? Now it might be questionable if Sandy's naked son walked two hours or even 20 minutes in a blizzard that going on outside the haberdashery, but that's not the case and Tarantino showed us what really happened in detail- while the Major was shame-walking that son-of-a-gun, it was a sunny winter day with no wind and that white-ass even had boots on his feet. Perhaps it is too much for some of us to acknowledge that given two hours sounds questionable, the Major choiced to tell the General the truth as if before his own death, that racist old cracker deserve to know what really happen to his son. There is a noticeable difference between two times that Marquis approach to Sandy. When he first saw Sandy, he thought Sandy arranged a revenge party for his boy's killer and the only one Marquis can trust to watch his back is O.B. -- pay attention to those details might help us to understand the movie better. How satisfied are you? "I get that Marquis (Jackson) was lying..." General Sandy Smithers believed Major Marquis's story when Marquis told him the full name of his son, Chester Charles Smithers. Why don't you? Aquaman worldwide gross: $1.096 billion. Since the Titanic sounds like ancient history to some of us, here are some modern cases where passengers would pray for stable ground: [url][/url] Regarding the question in OP, do we at least agree that her taking of the mask is more a suicide attempt than an experiment on her immunity? Otherwise, there is a professional way and a proper place to conduct the experiment. So, I am sticking with my previous speculation about her suicidal mentality at that moment. Now, why am I skeptical about her adapting into human 2.0? Because the movie didn't convince us that it is possible. Showing some low-life form in toxic water or that one mutant bee survived the toxic storm is far from implying the same mechanism could work on advanced life form as a human. I call that huge leap a miracle and I guess the director intended to present it as an ending twist. Can you blame some of us for not buying that? BTW, I hope no one gets the idea of injecting weird stuff to himself to treat back pain or else. Not kidding. Injecting air into your body is dangerous! Right, a light armored vehicle with a sound frequency devices would be better. Assuming that genious scientists in the military would figure that out in no time. Let's say she made a suicide attempt then. But honestly speaking, I think the one I saw (an alternate ending or by missing the ending scene) is better. From the interpretation that I read about the ending scene you saw, the miracle of the pregnant woman somehow has adapted to that toxic environment would ruin the seriousness of the movie for me. If you don't find that miracle ridiculously unrealistic then you are surely very optimistic. The movie did spend some time on the little girl...but the director surely leave the clues ambiguous. The main concern may be that some viewers won't be able to tell the difference between her and the crazy people. Going crazy enough to force other people to see and then die is the result of bad influence, that's not immune in any sense. The little girl is not one of them and assuming she gets resistant to the bad influence of the creature, that's what we call immune. It resembles what a newborn get from the vaccination. Well, my OP is about that little girl might be immune. So I assumed we are still on that topic. LennyNero is sure you're much more reasonable than the topic creator. I hope you are. I challenge your "general facts" type replies because I am expecting a better response from you that could contribute to the topic, for example, an adult immune solution idea that similar to the cure they found in Daybreakers (2009). View all replies >