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The tricks that "Hickey" pulled in his "confession" is to tell some truth that Captain Crozier might already have figured out --- Real Hickey was just a regular sailor and "Hickey" is definitely more capable than that. And given how ruthless "Hickey" is, it takes no genius to guess what happened to real Hickey; And of course, after what "Hickey" did, he is not going back to London, nor he would let crew members make their way back home and report him to the authority. The part about a criminal wants to flee to the other side of the world and start a new life, is just a ready-made cliche to hide his true identity, a spy, and his true intention, to sabotage the mission. That's one hell of a coincidence. They haven't found the reason why two generators, one gas-powered and one-wind powered, conked out. Bad analogy. Both Ebola and the flu are contagious and are caused by viruses. Exposure to radiation doesn't make you radioactive, no matter how many doses. That's <b>one <i>small</i> step</b> for <spoiler>a man</spoiler>, <b>one <i>giant</i> leap</b> for <spoiler>the community</spoiler> Google's AdSense: Does this customer buy any game online? - No. Does this customer buy any song online? - No. Does this customer complain about #1 billboard song online? - Yes ....(processing) Conclusion: Ads for constipation😖 drugs This reviewer is obviously offended by Episode 5. I guess he is actually a "Christooza", disguised as a "Mesuzah". Let's celebrate it by drinking a lot 🍾🍷🍸🍹🍺🍻🥂🥃🥤 ...I am kidding. I feel the storyline is a little plat. It would get much interesting if that local boy joins the group. Melancholia (2011) View all replies >