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She doesn't "overpower" him by wrestling, so his extra 100lbs doesn't matter. If the girl has a gun or a dagger (or she is black or Mexican), there is no doubt that the bad cop would not hesitate to shoot her and later claim that he was in self-defense. " - Pray and have FAITH. " Did you get that wisdom from Jenny or Lieutenant Dan? Jenny: "Pray with me, Forrest. Pray with me. Dear God, make me a bird so I can fly far, far, far away from here." Lieutenant Dan: "Well, maybe you should just pray for shrimp." The mechanism of how Rita first gained and later lost her "time loop ability" are never explained in the film. So we can only speculate about it. The only logical explanation that I can think of is -- When Rita (or Cage) kills Alpha and splatters her with Alpha's blue blood, the blood helps to establish a telepathic bond between her and the Omega, causing the Omega to mistake her for an Alpha. So whenever Rita died, Omega would restart the day over. Later when Rita received a blood transfusion, Omega discovered that she was a fake and cut off the telepathic bond with her. The connection was two-way - Rita could feel the link break as she could no longer feel Omega's presence. But I think, given that Rita and Cage have both been manipulated by aliens with false visions. It is unwise for them to be certain of it just rely on their feelings. I imagine Rita did die once on the operating table and was rescued with electric shocks. That's why she's so sure. As you mentioned, the ending is "interesting and sequel fodder." I agree. Whether Omega has died is an open question because it (or someone) reset the time. One possibility is that Cage absorbs Omega's blood when he kills it, giving him the ability to control time. But that would be a bit of a stretch- if Cage can reset the time to save himself, why didn't the Omega do the same to save itself? "The OPA hated Earthers." Why? Chappie: watch out for 🔪🔪🔪. "You’re supposed to think the problem through, not fall back on a rule, however well-founded" Morality is one of the standards that we highly value in a civilized society. It's not the only one and it's not above others. From my discussion with Allaby, I was trying to imply that the solution to this problem, <b>to make the right decision</b>, is not to just think about moral aspect and then play god, but also consider other aspects like "equal right to live", "free will", "individual's privacy", "law obedience" etc. "Hippocratic oath" happens to cover much of the considerations, that's why it is a good ethical guideline to follow. But, if you have good justification, then break the rule and openly take responsibility for the consequence, as a noble person would do. "Suppose the new patient is a convicted serial killer visiting from death row....a fault in the serial killer's life support system" You are pushing the "odd thing happens" beyond "ridiculous impossible". It would be only fair that every patient's life-supporting system has that same fault. And then the electrician has to decide who's machine he is going to fix. Aircraft are designed to fly - a plane can slide in the air at a certain speed. Which means that Homelander doesn't really need to lift the whole damn thing. Instead, he just needs to give a little push to prevent the plane from rolling or stalling until it lands safely on the water. Homelander could save it from crashing, but he decided not to. Because he had accidentally destroyed the control panel and he didn't want the world to know about his negligence. His reputation is more important to him than all those passengers' lives. His explanation is just an excuse and lie. The tricks that "Hickey" pulled in his "confession" is to tell some truth that Captain Crozier might already have figured out --- Real Hickey was just a regular sailor and "Hickey" is definitely more capable than that. And given how ruthless "Hickey" is, it takes no genius to guess what happened to real Hickey; And of course, after what "Hickey" did, he is not going back to London, nor he would let crew members make their way back home and report him to the authority. The part about a criminal wants to flee to the other side of the world and start a new life, is just a ready-made cliche to hide his true identity, a spy, and his true intention, to sabotage the mission. That's one hell of a coincidence. They haven't found the reason why two generators, one gas-powered and one-wind powered, conked out. Bad analogy. Both Ebola and the flu are contagious and are caused by viruses. Exposure to radiation doesn't make you radioactive, no matter how many doses. View all replies >