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Did Red have to buy a ticket to the play? Not as good as Downfall Couples in bed together. There's another one? Never heard of her. She's endorsed Trump If this took place now Neil would have shot up everybody in the school before killing himself. Why do you need hearts and souls when you have money? The reaction from in the shower. Not a movie about climate change. View all posts >


Here's a take from the real Adrian Cronauer. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V8FkXRgA4Sg&ab_channel=AmericanVeteransCenter They didn't butcher the novel. They just took the title and made an entirely different story and used some of the same character names. Well they are supposed to be crazy, so I guess it works that way. Those episodes were gross. He was certainly lucid enough to know that the end was coming quickly and he didn't want to end up like Mussolini. They were better when they first started. Now they don't even make sense and often don't involve actual scenes from the movie. There was that cleverly placed jump scare when the Nazi shot the architect just for the LOLZ. Joe Biden would make a good villain. but he would be too easy to beat. Exactly. View all replies >