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#MakeHorrorGreatAgain Clint at his daughters wedding. June 2024. Theatrical release date - Friday the 13th March 2026 The Nun vs A24 Five Nights at Freddy's vs A24 Theatrical release date - 06th September 2024 Official poster. Since when is Lauren LaVera in the cast? Premiering at the Toronto International Film Festival. September 2024. Some info on the cancelled series. (Charlize Theron as Pamela Voorhees???) Watch the box office explode. 😃 Official poster. Now available on digital. OFFICIAL TEASER TRAILER Digital release date - 25th June Paulsons partner is 32 years older than her. Premieres 19th July 2024. Great performance from Nat'. Star Wars: Episode X - A New Beginning An affair with the boogeyman.