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Ehhhh, you’re gross. Also on a side note you don’t seem very popular on this forum. Just sayin. I have no idea what you’re talking about. Nope, it’s all you. As a prosecutor she was horrible at her job. She is the complete opposite of intelligent. She’s a far left radical, she bailed out violent BLM rioters who then went on to commit rapes, murders, etc., she got as far as she did by trading sexual favors, despite Brandon telling everyone to “lower the temperature” she is still trying to have President Trump assassinated, she did a horrible job at the border and she isn’t qualified to hold public office. I’ve been asking myself that question ever since I was a kid. I’m still confused on what Archer wanted to do to Castor. They explained that the new anti-inflammatories would pretty much make the healing instantaneous. Wow you sure love to argue. Well he grabbed Helen’s crown which would tell him that one of the kids was the Beauty Queen, through a little digging he could probably find out who the other three were. Also keep in mind he’s a fisherman, as was Max. He could have casually steered a conversation with Max in that direction and Max could have told him??? (I have no proof of this but it’s a possibility) Yes View all replies >