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No it isn't. May God have mercy on your stupid fucking soul, you arrogant bitch chimp. Good, fun movie, and I enjoyed the "ride" it inspired with the theatre screen and moving chairs (anyone else remember that?), but Tom Cruise being Top Gun-Tom Cruise didn't give it the same depth and impact as many of the other films mentioned here. Million Dollar Baby is probably the best sports movie to come out both before Warrior and after Rocky. Maybe next time. Thanks for the invite though. Nice. It's one I watched a long time ago on high on something or other that I remember the premise of but little else and it's been on my watchlist for awhile now. I'll try to make it soon. Hello movie people. By the post count it looks like you're enjoying yourselves. I wanted to see if I can get a movie on the list for a future pick that I'll hopefully be able to attend soon. Bug (2006) horror, thriller What say you, StoneKeeper? You're welcome! And wow, you are truly the emoji master. I haven't seen half of those before. Congratulations! You give Somoans here a good name... unlike that other guy. I don't get it. I really like your first and third ideas. Losing Lloyd for Hayden in Episode 1 could not only have improved the first movie, but it might have improved his performance in the 2nd and 3rd as well by giving him the ability to create his performance from scratch without regard for Lloyd's. Jar Jar making cute sounds in some alien language would have been annoying, but less so than what we ended up with. I disagree with your 2nd idea though because the master/apprentice dichotomy is a key component of the Star Wars mythos and Obi Wan's origin and ascension from a Padawan to a Jedi Master is just as essential to the trilogy as Anakin's rise and fall. Qui Gon, or some other master, is an essential component of that journey for Obi Wan. View all replies >