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We are very lucky to have them! Israel have done so much good for America. Bernie Madoff was a great guy and probably forced by goyims to do his crimes. To be a shanda for the goyim is to confirm the most hurtful stereotypes, thereby doing damage twice: a Jew who dishonors Jews by not only doing something bad, but doing something that confirms the worst fears of others about Jews in general. She got thin! Remake of the 1990 film This pastor is racist Nice group of guys! I have fucked this transe : I never got that far! I never got that far! I know , its terrible ! Sad what has happened to Aaron Eckhart. Yes, he is very talented! Warning ⚠️ ⚠️ Graphic materials not shown in ( any ) court Look a this , must be AI face swap Look at skin color of his face and his neck it’s completely different They will use something like this! Pushing the jab for pregnant women was a horror show! If he didnt have a studio releasing his films most would linger in the sales bin at Walmart. Yes, he started off great but his latest work is way below expectation. I will however see the new Josh Hartnett flick. We are relentlessly being attacked by the democrats, our own governments actions and/or inactions. - Lawlessness with no Consequence - Open Borders - Dividing the Masses - Financially Pillaging Citizens - Train Derailments - Arson Fires of our Food Supply - Arson Blamed on Climate Change - Medical Tyranny - Sponsored Riots - Attack on Family Values - Attack on Religion - Attack Masculinity - Attack Femininity - Attack the Children - Mass vaccination Killer Jab Copy / paste from google ! Its just bullshit. Studies including hundreds of thousands of people around the world show that COVID-19 vaccination before and during pregnancy is safe, effective, and beneficial to both the pregnant person and the baby. The benefits of receiving a COVID-19 vaccine outweigh any potential risks of vaccination during pregnancy. "It's safe. It's effective. This vaccine is tailored for kids." Remember when Barack Obama and Anthony Fauci visited schools attempting to persuade parents to get their children injected with the unsafe and ineffective mRNA injections? "Come on down and find a spot to get vaccinated... Make sure to do it for your kids, your entire family, as well as for the community at large."