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poster tells me to kill myself multiple times actually fine AF when she isnt trying to look like a teenage boy lesbian where werent incel women and minorities supporting this? Anyone using Apple Silicon? Vivek Ramaswamy doesn't know what Secularism means anyone else used to watch these? giant trans soccer player breaks another players knee On monday, the average numbers of viewers per theatre was 21 I need an explanation of how true libertarianism would work? Why Waking Up Early Is Rooted in White Supremacy View all posts >


your last comment was deleted for breaking site rules. i suggest you settle down before mods actually do their job and ban you his original comment wasnt good faith. screaming "da wokeism is a direct descendant of the Salem witch trials, Manifest Destiny and McCarthyism. " is not asking for any sort of intelectual or honest discussion. its one of the stupidest things ive ever seen here and i am a massive critic of what people colloquially call "woke". you can ask multiple people here who ive engage in multiple paragraph discussions when i strongly disagree with. calling a comment stupid or dumb is not egging on to say "you should drown and kill yourself. your parents probably killed themselves. the only thing you will contribute is when you die" but nice try! its not playing the victim to point out someone so blatantly and extremely breaking site rules has nothing happen to them. you acting like someone saying that in response to "dumb" is just "hitting back" is dishonest. so you havent been away as anyone can see. it just took you two hours to come up with that stellar reply. probably working up the bravery to say it. again another dumb comment. "maybe he has da excel sheet". SandyR has been giving you lessons in how to post sheer stupidity. as good as his "da wokeism is from da puritans and da mcarthyism!!" also no you havent. anyone can see your post history you know that right?. it just took you that long to come up with something that weak? you like to dodge like all the other silly people. that was hilarious when you called me a braniac while inventing that silly little scenario in your head. you have a severe lack of self awareness. Me "you are dumb" SandyR "you should drown and kill yourself. your parents probably killed themselves. the only thing you will contribute is when you die" Wanderer- "equal comments here, no difference. yaaa you just cant take it." id suggest learning what a false equivalency is before you make another silly post. "You pampered pompous Europeans coveted our riches but didn't fully understand the reality of unchecked mass migration" The US has about 1.5 million migrants a year. the EU? 2.3 million. wowww look at that huge difference! yes i get your posts are entirely based on "feelings" from ' I FEEL the mass media causes school shootings" to " I FEEL americas strong and rich cause we are diverse so we need gun rights to neutralize dangerous threats". to this fantasy that theres going to be a massive gun law overhaul in europe due to the immigrants you are heavy on the feelings and light on the facts. have you taken your meds today by any chance? also why are you running? you said the mass media causes shootings? does no other country have media?? you have such a simplistic outlook on everything. like a child what does Vietnam have to do with the US space program? or vaccines developed by british scientists? View all replies >