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Just saw it. Meh. Probably the weakest in the series. How does it compare to the rest of the series? Tranny cast as the lead The teaser trailer for this movie scared the shit out of me Will it be woke? Is it really THAT bad? Is this an LGBTQ movie? The voice over and try hard humor ruined an otherwise fun movie Lets be honest, people are only excited because they want to see Hugh Jackman again What are you people smoking?!?! A huge step down in quality from Fury Road Don't waste your time or money. Not a horror movie and basically a student film Ironic Just saw it. Boring until the last half hour The show got so much better after Diane left Has been sitting on the shelf for a year Another sequel coming out more than a decade too late Why not just make Mad Max 5? I'm sorry, but this was terrible Are the apes a metaphor for black people?