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A huge step down in quality from Fury Road Don't waste your time or money. Not a horror movie and basically a student film Ironic Just saw it. Boring until the last half hour The show got so much better after Diane left Has been sitting on the shelf for a year Another sequel coming out more than a decade too late Why not just make Mad Max 5? I'm sorry, but this was terrible Are the apes a metaphor for black people? View all posts >


My girlfriend had some of her new album on in the car, and the lyrics were so bad I was laughing out loud. I don't know how anyone likes this crap. It's another example of studios spending way too much on movies where it shouldn't have this high of a budget. If the budget was around the $75 million range than it's opening would be fine. There is no reason a movie like this should've had a budget of $150 million. Because I don't like woke shit? Fuck off This was better than The Hunt I only mentioned it because of how Hollywood leans and the director is a pretty big liberal. I'm just letting people know it's not woke. The last season was the worst. It got too serious and the stories were boring. Most likely the right. Going by Garland's last movie, he's a SJW lefty for sure. It's also very clear that Nick Offerman is suppose to be playing a Trump like President. Wow, this looks even worse than I expected. Nothing about it looks like it has an ounce of originality and the scares look cheap and lame. She probably has one along with all the drug use. It's very clear the president is a play on Trump. President who is white and wants a third term. Nick Offerman is also a huge liberal who hates Trump and libertarians which is why he probably took the role. View all replies >