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This movie didn't have one ounce of originality Can't believe this got great reviews First Trailer is here One of the best movies ever made One of the best movies ever made Walked out after 45 minutes Saw this yesterday out of curiosity Why is this being released in US theaters 3 years after it came out in the UK? Loved the first 3, but this a letdown. Very enjoyable indie thriller View all posts >


Even the visuals are lame. It looks like a generic live action Disney remake. Universal probably paid bots to upvote this one since the superbowl spot got destroyed on YouTube It's being panned by both audiences and critics as one of the worst movies of the year. I expect the two sequels to do even worse and might possible end up going straight to streaming. When this ended Saw it at Regal like last night and walked out after 45 minutes. Saw quite a few walk out before that as well. It was horrible Agree. That scene really kind of wrecked the pacing of the movie. I get it's purpose in the story, but it goes on waaayyy too long. It's certainly not as bad as many of the other similar parody movies like Epic Movie or Meet The Spartans that came out around the same time. They already made Superhero Movie back in 2007. Dang I saw Mars Express last week and didn't get it. They just threw the most random trailers in front of that one. I haven't even seen a trailer and I go to the movies almost every week. There has been 0 marketing for this and it just came out of nowhere. Have you seen the trailer attached to anything? View all replies >