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This movie is so much better than the first movie! They ruined Rabban! What a giant waste of a villain... The 1st 45 Minutes in the Boot Camp are Excellent! The Rest is Just Pure Garbage Lethal Weapon 4 is the best of the series This game is a big improvement over the first game Superman 4 is way better than Superman 3 He doesn't look old at all. Why do people keep saying that only based from his last 2023 movie? I've seen The Wicker Man and... I was surprised how bad it was The first Meg was better. They really overaggerated many things in Meg 2 It had a lot of potential and they kind of ruined it View all posts >


I simply can't even understand how anyone would ever confuse Robert De Niro with Sean Connery! Funnily enough that has actually happened to my sister many years ago. LOL! Sorry but I'm laughing out loud at our coleagues from this thread who are claiming "cinema is dying"... In what planet is cinema dying?! Cinema movies just keep breaking records after records and yet some people claim "cinema is dying" only because some movies that are aimed at niches have "flopped" or being close to flop? Hahahahaha! I think the story is equally awesome. The Lost World: Jurassic Park was a hit and it's a masterpiece like the first movie. What YOU said about what I said makes no sense. I didn't even see that many jokes. It was like any other horror movie out there. Incorrect. Final Fantasy X is a legendary masterpiece. Let's be real: Final Fantasy X is the best ever without even Blitzball! What you said makes absolutely no sense. Says YOU who never played it and had never fun doing so. You just lost. No! Final Fantasy X is the best ever! Final Fantasy 11 is crap. It's not even a real FF game. It's a MMORPG. View all replies >