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Nicki Minaj was arrested in a foreign unknown land! 50% fell for the propaganda Hopefully there will be no election! Respect for David Sean Penn is ready to suck Zelensky off! A dictator Chris Pratts stuntman died suddenly! Do you think he deserves fame? Heart Failure increased a whopping 973% Streaming View all posts >

Replies It made $10M opening weekend! That is insanely impressive and a huge chunk of cash! I hated the trailer but with an opening like that this is already in profit ie a big hit financially. Very cool! I can imagine jail is a like an earth cave or some shit, like a grotto! Like Arkansas? Never heard of it before! Norwayland will soon be targeted by Israel for complete destruction! All those countries are very poor and underdeveloped compared to Israel and America and will have little impact on the killing of children for profit. What Israel wants, Israel get and right now they want to murder all goyims ! One is that there has been a mortality (or death) rate of about 50% in the almost 900 people around the world who have been infected with bird flu between 2003 and 2024. Second is that Covid had only 1% MR This can turn political at a drop of a hat. Admiral Levine! He’s a joke. A mouthpiece for others. Later this evening! It’s basically lifted from the Gladiator soundtrack! It’s a good score. View all replies >