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An impressive cast, and with Danny Boyle returning….. Leo’s death was on point! The realtor basically calls Colin a homo to his face, or just maybe……. So Anthony Rapp made it all up?!? Not talked about enough imo, 10/10 film for me! I love the scene when Ludlow is vodka driving to the machine gun sell and of course everything that follows They’re finally doing justice to Star Wars and remaking episodes 7,8,9 !!! Returning to theaters, remastered and extended!!! Returning to theaters, remastered and extended!!! Returning to theaters, remastered and extended!!! View all posts >


I don’t blame him if he does. Going out on top is the way to do it imo. Over? Tyson has a guaranteed rematch. Congratulations to Usyk, job well done! So if he paid for the video (I’ve read the reports, and believe that he did), how did it get out, that part is confusing to me? Maybe one of his confidants leaked it, someone on the inside whom he trusted? I don’t think so, the act/s and his due judgment lie with the man, not his performances. The album No Way Out will always have sentimental appeal for me. The song Victory was my jam in high school. Fuckin’ A Going the way of R. Kelly it’s looking like. Because it was too pornagraphic. The original egg was designed to open with two slants, so it resembled a vagina; Scott was told it was too extreme and to have Giger redesign the egg, so Giger made it with four slants when opening so it looked like a cross between a vagina and an asshole. I’m not making this up, just do a quick google search. Funny enough, the four slant vagina/ass hole opening egg made it through production. All of that being said, there was no way it was going to be put on a movie poster for all to see. I could be wrong but didn’t a close and personal friend of Rapp at the time of said accusation come forward and testify that Rapp not only lied about his age but also his whereabouts, that he wasn’t even at the party to begin with? I understand that this doesn’t clean Spacey’s slate so to speak as it doesn’t speak for other individuals he may have victimized but as far as Rapp is concerned, wasn’t he caught red handed in his lies as well as having zero credibility at this point? On the contrary, I think Sandler is going the distance with this one and I have high hopes for what he has in store for us. I think it’s going to be a solid sequel, they’re bringing back Christopher McDonald, the man is a rock as far as I’m concerned, in terms of always bringing his A game. View all replies >