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WTF is with that 'do?? This is without question the most BORING movie in the history of cinema So they made an entire movie about someone looking for a candy bar? This movie and the entire Blumhouse Trilogy is complete GARBAGE Why the fuck is the movie title "Barbarian" Smiling therapist was creepy as phuck! OVERRTAED and BORING tripe View all posts >


6.5/10 Yeah surprised there wasn't a sequel to tie things off It's not like she had any other option with the water shut off 🥒 🙄 What the hell are you talking about? He could have shot him 100 times and it wouldn't have made any difference. His father seemed to realize something was off with him fairly early on. His mother is the one who was in denial and kept making excuses. lol. it's that gay haircut. I you look him up on google his hair is cut short and he looks pretty normal. Yes because the killer wasn't very big, which narrowed it down to two choices. Yes absolutely, the killer had a small frame which didn't make it completely obvious but it narrowed it down to two characters. I knew it was one or the other. View all replies >