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Seen it a few times and loved it. Only thing I didn't like was the kid. Loved to have punched him. Over acting Thank goodness I didn't pay to see this crap. Turned it off after 15 minutes, was unwatchable. Dumb statement. You go pricing for a used car lately? Plus electric cars cost much more $30,000 dollars. Get in the real world. It's a cult with liberals about Trump. Even if he doesn't run in '24 or loses they still won't bitch and lie about him. At least he didn't sleep with a spy from China Isn't saying much, first one sucked This is the reason I quit watching this shows and ones just like it. you have a mental problem. why don't you ask if anyone would move to a liberal city just read where daylight savings is also racist Just more WOKE crap. Kids don't even have pubic hair yet or had a hard on but lets teach them about a sickness. Can't kids just be kids nowadays? Too much to ask? Funny these WOKE people don't even bring up MAth, English, History but lets fill their heads with this shit What's your pronoun....jackass? View all replies >