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Isn’t that called telepathy? Maybe the CIA wasted some money researching something like that back in naive day, but seems way too sci fi to use to gather actionnable intelligence. 13. Ladies in Lavender (2004), but I will forfeit my turn to chilone* *if chilone doesn’t take it, I will come back later and start a new game. Bruno Kirby Less handsome? No one wants to watch some uggo Almost Pair of Dice! floccinaucinihilipilification Iron Maiden for sure. I thought the Iron Maiden IMdb was Spinal tap. 1. Sheryl CROW https://comps.gograph.com/singing-crow_gg57864477.jpg 2. Dick Wolf - Producer, created Law & Order series/franchise 3. Tiger Woods Yummy, this must be in Canadian cinemas only. 🏆 View all replies >