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Is there any rapes in this ? You People, but who ? Will you be watching The Family Man this X-mas America will win! Kanye West and Tom Cruise Robert De Niro best film to date ! The Stone , Starring The Rock Cool it with the Nazi narrative We need more guys like Ye John Leguizamo Says He Avoided the Sun ‘For Years’ to Stay Light-Skinned View all posts >


Thanks How was the violence ? People are bridged far between on this one. I have met JP a few times. We both enjoy a nice cigar. Jeremy Piven claims leading man projects are not offered to him anymore. He also turn down a lot lower quality supporting role projects. He also claims to like doing stand up. His house is very nice. He is very well off. Same here! John Leguizamo is speaking out about the discrimination he’s faced throughout his career and continues to experience. In an interview published Wednesday, the American actor and comedian of Colombian-Puerto Rican descent told Insider about an “unspoken Latin quota” in Hollywood — the belief that there can be too many Latino people in a film. Wrath of Man Weinstein — whom Deputy District Attorney Marlene Martinez had earlier called a “titan of the film industry” — engaged in “despicable behavior” and made sure that the alleged victims knew he “could destroy them,” the prosecutor said Thursday in her closing. Lillyhammer was that the one set in some foreign land ? Not a fan of Fatman. I might see this digital. Its much better wide! View all replies >