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Do you think he has been raped ? Zelenskiy Urges Congress to Pass Ukraine Aid or Risk Bigger War Shocking : Listen to this guy! Biden a Wartime President Agent for Steven Spielberg Apologizes! Do you still use cash ? Do you think Lamborghini: The Man Behind the Legend will be a better film ? Did this film inspire Mad Max, Sequel to the film "Mad Max: Fury Road" ? Anyone else losing count of all the trials? 14th Amendment Section 3 Biden wants to build a railroad through the Middle East. View all posts >


I have english subs on my BR. The Running of the Jew I like the Jew egg ! This!,vid:2eXdoBeXTfY,st:0 A powerful speech : Real Americans stand with Palestine against Israel ! Bald guys lose momentum and drive once the hair is gone. Its a sad fact. Also most females will not date a bald dude. Jason Statham looks cool bald, but hes the only one. Fat = no problem Bald = no go View all replies >