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Time is money. Any you know what they say about a fool and his money... Yes. It has too many "mood shots" for my taste which slows it down considerably. Still a great film and not a problem in a streaming world where we can jump a few seconds at a time to speed it up. During WWII we were unable to import coconut/palm oil from the south Pacific nations and vegetable oil was invented. Capitalism required us to exploit its usefulness so the production of coconut/palm oil dwindled. We always had lard (makes the BEST pie dough) but storage of lard requires refrigeration which is expensive so you had to use it fast or it would spoil. Crisco is also Kosher which is also a selling point. Thank you for answering this. They left it rather ambiguous. Very sad considering the talent involved and cost. We must remember it is a simple, short story so to blow it up only resulted in it blowing up in THEIR faces. You will notice the best versions are very short and to the point. My favorite is the 1971 cartoon version. You're an idiot. Don't even try to compare yourself people in those times. Those people were hungry enough to wait 2 days to eat a meal like that. Poor people didn't have stoves. They cooked in front of an open fire with a spit and pan for drippings (hence the name). A full size bird like that would take 4-5hrs on a spit. Quicker if placed closer. They baked the same way by turning the items to cook them evenly. It was deplorable. Not funny. It was as embarrassing to watch today as it was then. LAZY writing with canned laughter for effect. This was written for teenage boys who never even listened to the dialogue. T&A were all it promised and failed to deliver. Most of the 70's comedies were like this. The only difference with the 80's was they no longer tried to sell it as "family friendly". Hypocritical to the point nauseous. You're pathetic and I suspect this AmerikanSkull is a close relative. As for the fake clip, there are much better laugh tracks out there. Game. Set. Match. I don't see him giving his opinion of you on here so claiming you dont know of his existance is an outright lie and your priorities, measured by me or anyone on this site, are in direct proportion to your posts. View all replies >