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For someone like myself who knew nothing about Napoleon I was so confused... Fan edit idea to change the ending (spoilers) "This be good enough for James Bond" Seriously a stripped down nude scene in a PG 13 film!? Did they want people to get a siezure while watching this? Danny Eflman's rendition of the main theme is still the best *Your goddaughter locks you inside a room to get murdered by armed guys* We almost got Indiana Jones meets Wolfenstein Bridget (spoilers) Anyone else think the off screen father was going to be... This film has such an important honest moral message for all young women (spoilers) Great game adaptation on the Gameboy Kramer going off how he hasn't seen his mother in 5 years Tobey Maguire's haircut Were we supposed to laugh at the violent deaths? "He took it out" First time watching I missed the (spoiler) in the first 5 minutes He was almost Peter Parker in SPIDER-MAN (2002) If this film was only from Michael Douglas characters' POV His YouTube vlogs