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For someone like myself who knew nothing about Napoleon I was so confused... Fan edit idea to change the ending (spoilers) "This be good enough for James Bond" Seriously a stripped down nude scene in a PG 13 film!? Did they want people to get a siezure while watching this? Danny Eflman's rendition of the main theme is still the best *Your goddaughter locks you inside a room to get murdered by armed guys* We almost got Indiana Jones meets Wolfenstein Bridget (spoilers) Anyone else think the off screen father was going to be... View all posts >


You completely misunderstood the ending dialogue. He wasn't referring to himself as one of the many 'normies' yet rather making a statement that there are many out there similar to him in his nature also. Well is how I took it. And this film had some of the best looking marketing advertisement for any film ever including the biggest toyline! Haters of this cannot refute this. We have TPM to thank also for all the upcoming amazing video games it birthed including the city districts of Naboo which was so beautifully done! Was Adam Driver in that supposed to resemble an incel or someone very shy of girls because unless that was the intention the scene with him communicating with Selena Gomez felt so odd to watch. Even Bill Murray there felt awkward around her. Was the ending supposed to imply that he considered retiring by sitting back on chair too or am I overthinking as yeah ending felt full with him deciding to let millionaire live. I agree it felt like an end scene was missing with more relating to his line of work or something to add to the story rather than him letting the millionaire live and walk out. If you've read the American Psycho novel then this very much felt like that. I enjoyed it for what it was yet yeah it requires a specific audience to appreciate the 'not much happens' style. My main issue is the ending as I assumed more was going to happen yet then it simply... ended. I wanted to laugh at how absurd she became in the 3rd act. "JAMESSYYYYYY". The opening of the film too showed this though am aware Cruise purposely does that to make them resemble the opening titles of a TV show. I always defended this film. The countdown of the nuke going off in that scene was stressful nonetheless. Anyway it is now far more realistic than the entire 5th film. You forgot the fantastic Aztec setting. Indy and his group coming across an entire group of natives was fantastic. In the cinema I was like "YES THIS IS INDIANA JONES!" This film sure had such brilliant locations. View all replies >