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Fantastic movie but I found a big flaw RIP Hit with another lawsuit RIP LOVED this movie! Very good Very enjoyable LOVED IT! Really good but. . . . . Very Disappointing View all posts >


Sonny absolutely would have become Don but with his temper, he wouldn't have lasted long at all. He would never be able to make sound decisions with his temper and he would probably be assassinated within a year. Tom would have made a good Don but that would never ever happen. I totally agree. Saw it last night and loved it. I think the ending, where he's going to meet the boss of some organization or department, indicates a sequel. I hope so. I don't know how old you are but women working multiple jobs to make ends meet is nothing new and was certainly commonplace in the 80's. We didn't have Instagram back then to model on and no one in my group stripped, but we all did what we had to do, including work multiple jobs if necessary. The "female working class narrative" was absolutely applicable for that time and probably even before that. Absolutely! That's what I gave it too. I loved this movie! I'll second that Happy Birthday Lieutenant Dan!! Enjoy your special day! How extremely sad! I loved him in The Wire, Bosch and American Horror Story. What a shock! May he RIP Happy Birthday Judd! But we're not talking about "Black people", we're talking about one highly successful actress who acted totally classless. There have been a lot of White losers and Black losers over the years and there will continue to be. When someone loses - whether it's an Academy Award or any other award or contest for that matter - the gracious thing to do is to at least clap for the winner. Of course she was disappointed she didn't win, I'm sure they all were, but be gracious and professional (in public anyway). Edited because I found these videos of sore losers, although some still clapped. Some are tackier than others. Angela Bassett is not alone. Oh, and almost all of these sore losers are White. View all replies >