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He's so very fucking sexy!! :D Do you have a life outside of these boards by any chance?? Asking for a friend No, I just tell it like it is 🙂 My post is less about the kiss, and more about the time frame of the movie/s, target audience, and changing the voice actor. Disney just rehashed an franchise that hasn’t made a movie in years, who did they think their target audience was going to be? Young kids/teenagers don’t want to watch a movie about Toy Story character from the 90s-10s, and the older OG Toy Story fans aren’t interested in watching a movie that doesn’t have the original voice actor for Buzz (Tim Allen) in it. I think having that stupid lesbian kiss in the movie didn’t help matters either. These guys waited too long to make a Toy Story/Buzz Lightyear movie, they changed the voice actor for the lead, and applied “wokeness” to the movie. That’s why it flopped hard. Those threads are old, they’re from the old IMDB boards because they don’t have a post count next to their name. Just giving you a heads up in case you’re looking for a response on this page. How did this guy become president of the US? He’s constantly embarrassing himself in public. I agree with you, Andy was a wasted character in this movie. Why bring him back if he’s not going to do anything useful? I don’t believe for one second she was pregnant, she 40 years old, and she obviously can’t look after herself let alone a baby. She was probably doing it for PR, like that nazi Tila Tequila. I agree, I think Seed, and Cult should’ve been re-written with better writers including Don Mancini. He did an alright job with Cult, but the story, and characters could’ve been written better. View all replies >