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I'm not actually 20 years old... His English needs a lot of work! The laugh track is terrible Why hasn't Disney Animation Studios used it's iconic characters like Mickey? Do you also hate this camera direction? Interracial couple, biracial/homosexual teen, disabled pet dog 🤣 Steals credit for goal at world cup Will women use abortion for free vacations? 🤔 I wonder if people actually do this 🤔 Lmao England can't even score against USA! View all posts >


That short, interesting videos can change my train of thought, altering my mood? Tiktok. Not joking. It really grabs your attention and releases dopamine. It's been called digital crack. If I'm feeling blue I'll put that on for a few minutes and I actually feel better afterwards. It shifts my mood. I've tried a poo gun. It's a hose with gun trigger. I know 🥰 Some think I'm older because I am well versed in the world of cinema. Isn't that sad? Reminds me of Ernie being removed from the Ghostbusters poster. Two men kissing is awkward and not attractive. This is a natural reaction and the left will try to make us feel like bigots for finding it uncomfortable. Mcgeyver would even do a better job. Kick his ass? Nope. I could probably beat him if I fight dirty, but he looks heavy and strong. I'd have to do an eye jab, groin punch, knee kicks, and as he yells in pain, a temple strike. A trained martial artist can take down anyone with these strikes. You need to take a long walk off of a short pier. Reported View all replies >