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You never see that on Chinese menus here. I had to look it up. I found recently most peanut butter is mixed with hydrogenated vegetable oil - Crisco. That's what gives it the smooth texture. There's no more fake indigestible processed product on earth than Crisco. They've found a way to make even peanut butter kill you. I check the label now and buy the stuff made with only peanut oil. I think hippies changed the social standard. I'm still not sure how rednecks glommed onto long hair though. I know that punks were shocking at the time for associating short hair with rebelliousness. Long hair was now establishment. Funny how when Bowie wore a mullet in the 70's it was considered high fashion, and the opposite of redneck. https://annieslinn.files.wordpress.com/2013/04/tumblr_lx257uotye1r2v7rio1_500.jpg I grew up in the punk era, and we associated long hair with hippies. I'm not sure when rednecks took long hair over. Not always. Long hair is also associated with redneck guys. Lol. Lamely 70's. I think long hair requires more attention. I like a buzzcut because it's easy to maintain and it's more comfortable. I mean a beautiful woman with fabulous long locks is a wonder to behold. But yeah, a nun wants to make herself look utilitarian and non-sexual. But that's not how society wants the average woman to look, is it? In general girls are cleaner and spend more time on their appearance. We need to be realistic, most teenage boys are slobs. However, as far as school rules, in California for example, it would be considered discrimination to set different standards for boys and girls. Sad but true, but they're pushing unisex. The issue of biological males competing in woman's sports, and this idea that a man gets a boob implant and a wig and becomes a woman, lesbians and bisexuals don't buy it. That's why you have this whole pansexual movement. They're people who have a sexual fetish for trannies. But it's something most LGB people don't get and want no part of. Slow fade is natural. "Ghosting" sounds too Gen Z. Not my style. Not dating coworkers is unrealistic. You're with those people all day, and if there's a spark, just move on it. That's just reality. How else do most of us meet people? At church? Yeah, Page 3 was boring. I think the song in the OP is a bit watered down for American audiences. But c'mon, "Mr Crowley" is one awesome song. Hail Satan! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G3LvhdFEOqs Ozzy never lost it after Black Sabbath. He is kinda cute. I'd tap it! And he's also a director. Just never heard of this guy but ran across the interview. 8/10 Ozzie is always good, unlike Kool & the Jungle Bunnies. Maybe I over analyzed it. But I've always thought it was an annoying song. Too soon. Start with the title. What's a "jungle boogie"? Is that anything like a jungle bunny? Are these guys from the jungle? They're playing to a stereotype. I just think it's an ugly song. It sounds like a parody. Oh, that's so not true. 4/10 Kinda like musical blackface.