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Gay? Is there anyone gayer that this guy? Sorry, I can't endure any film with Will Smith in it. He was neither Jewish nor Puerto Rican. "David Bowie High on Coke" Richard Lewis on Letterman 1989 "Jeanine Pirro Is Married To This Beauty" Why is he called Animal Mother? Josh Groban granted 5-year restraining order against sex-mad stalker Blah blah blah is right. Accused record company exec of rape. Are Guinevere Turner and Tracy Chapman lovers? Did The Twilight Zone eerily predict his death? Overrated because of her death. Was she a murderer? Sex Crazed? Has Tom Cruise ever had a cock in his tail? He looks like Fred Schneider of The B-52's The IMDb bio doesn't even mention Duran Duran. What the hell was Jimmermania?