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The Death of Sal Mineo Gay themed films have always been successful. Drunken baby? "Perverted homosexual spirit" She accused Ronald Reagan of rape. Friends with Andy Warhol and the Shah of Iran Classic 60's flip. These guys have a board? Was she born male or female? How would you rate this song on a scale of 1-10? View all posts >


You're obviously a repressed homosexual. You took a shit? I haven't seen it. Okay. You have a reasonable take on this. I just think people who can't watch a story about a relationship because it's same-sex have a mental problem. I dunno. I don't need to put myself in the character's shoes to be entertained by the dynamics of a relationship. I agree, I don't really like love stories. But you said "much less gay/lesbian ones". I'm wondering why straights feel that way? You're an idiot. 🤣 I don't like Rom Coms anyway. <blockquote>It's more likely that straight people will want to follow the story of a straight couple than to follow the story of a couple of men. It's just how it works.</blockquote> I agree. But why is that though? I can enjoy a story of a man and woman couple. Are straight people just blinded by prejudice? Mel Blanc created Bugs Bunny's iconic voice. "Crazy For You" 3/10 - Sorry but I always hated that song. I like Madonna when she's upbeat. 👍 View all replies >