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Tv series? Very abrupt ending Very deep British film. Disappointing end to a great tv series Looks like kid rock Even better rack here Superb actor Ravy baby Leya Billy idol View all posts >


I think it was ocean Pacific. At least he got to be spend time filming with Salma Hayeks breasts all up in his face. Celebrity SAS on channel four. Danielle Lloyd was worse and she still gets to be on TV. I will always remember her as ladonna in houseparty calling Martin Lawrence dragon breath. The song at the beginning. I have heard some people say it was kierons mum,but I can't see her moving that fast for it to be her,I'm sure it was said she had cancer in s3,episode 1. The daily mail is trash they always put bad pics of celebs and post articles saying how different they look to when they were young. When I first heard the song and the guitar kicked in I thought it was a metal cover version of 'send me an angel' by real life. He looks like honey g. View all replies >