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Paging buzzlightbeer! Final Destination 6 is happening. Coming to HBO Max. Martin Scorsese was deeply disturbed by this movie, so unsettled that he struggled getting to sleep. Did you ever meet anyone before whose life was saved by Deep Throat? RARE cleavage sighting. David Gordon Green. Good cinematographer. The director has a foot fetish? Recent pics (Sept. 2022). Gorgeous body! View all posts >


I've seen some speculate that she could be pregnant, though I believe I read somewhere that she's on record for not planning to ever have kids (could be misremembering). She's definitely a little bit plumper than usual, though still very shapely. That's the key isn't it. There are many busty Women in this world, praise the heavens, though often they'll be apple shaped and heavier, sporting a bit of a belly. To be slim, toned and busty is truly blessed. AOC is one of elite. They're already so full practically bursting out of every dress she wears, if they keep getting bigger it'll be a sight to behold. I'd have her in my top three current celeb crushes. Her monster tits are honking ridiculous!! Awe inspiring. Sometimes you can tell a persons political leanings just by looking at them. This is a Bernie Sanders voter. She's been flaunting the goods a lot more this weather...praise be. My issues; - The Chimpanzee sub-plot was not needed. Yada-yada symbolism, "can't control animals", something with it or leave it out. This film ran long enough, could have been leaner and more linear without this sub-plot. - Keke Palmer's character was supremely irritating. Daniel Kaluuya's character was likeable enough but a bit too flat. Pros; - Superb production values. Well shot with strong sound editing. - Concept was decent enough. Like tremors in the sky. - I enjoyed it more than Us, so it's an improvement over his last film. Shows he's not on a complete downward trend. I didn't like Saint Maud at all but Morfydd was very good in it. She's a capable actress. more extensive coverage, full body shots; Part 1; Part 2; There is none. This is the best. She was great. View all replies >