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Yes and it kinda blows. Other Tum Tum was better. I realized this post is 8 years old but I'm recently watching the show again and had discovered that the only reason he was willing to kill Terrence Steadman was because they threatened to kill his son. Troll. Take your pick he either blackmailed, threatened, or bribed them. Hehe looks like your retardation has kept you going you cock-juggling Thundercunt who's only purpose in life is spewing out insults synonymous with an 8-year old girl's. Yeah that's what I meant by the paper trail because we even see in the movie how quickly parnell switched Steven to the second school and readily had the records from the first school. It'd be much much more difficult to do that today. He did very well but was most likely ashamed that he played someone like Parnell. Yeah I loved him in the sequels for sure. True I think that's where they slightly messed up I mean they should've crashes into the ground lol. The problem was they went way overboard with it i.e throwing Woody in the chest box, the new posters and blankets, the toys acting like dicks etc. It's almost as if Potato Head always wanted Woody to fall. The more you reply the more the pathetic you look with the laughing emoji's masking the butt-hurt humiliation I've laid on you. Keep crying little bitch the only figures you make are action figures and lost your virginity to one of them. Let's see we had Mexican, african-american, and asian gangs featured in the show not entirely racist esp considering most of the bad guys on this show are white anyway. Kids featured in gangs in this show was my point as Walker does what he can to help them stay out. The only thing either of you two have ever accomplished is working the keyboard and will never amount to anything in the real world. Not what your mom said last night looks like you caught blindfolded's retardation we are doomed now. So I'm confused do you like the show or not? Again, it was way more than that. People resent law enforcement because they use unnecessary force Walker only used force against the worst types of criminals remember he usually dealt with murdering drug-dealers, professional Assassins, racial hate groups, terrorists, etc. I'm sure Walker would get in trouble but this is a television show where in one episode Walker literally goes back in time so realism kinda goes out the window but the good message is still there esp in episodes where he's helping youngsters stay out of gangs, drugs etc. Talking to imaginary friends now? It must be really lonely in your parents' basement.