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I, a Brit, went to America inbetween Obama's two terms The Doctor Strange CRAP in the trailer She sold out Star Trek Studio Canal STEELBOOK DVD version has NO SUBTITLES! The Deep is HILARIOUS! Hughie has THE WORST superpower! Too much negativity here Just saw the whole show so far, and one loose end... Mr Donald J Trump Elijah's creepy cannibal character View all posts >


I love Zimmer's Gladiator and Last Samurai scores, and they do add immeasurably to those movies! elusive Or as much as he could get away with ;) THEY were prudish times? Americans like these are the BIGGEST PRUDES on the PLANET!! It's a really WEIRD thing, but I don't like CONSERVATIVES! There's your lot, the Republicans, who are complete assholes, then there's our lot, the UK TORY PARTY (and I mean MODERN Tories) who have bled our country dry and ferried off its assets to the rich bastards who deserve a slow hanging, but then that's just me. Oh no, wait, most of the UK hates them, too! But they come back like a DISEASE, every f-cking time! "There will be NONE of that going on in the USA." Why? I'm not sure I understand how this Obamacare works, but isn't it like the UK NHS? Don't you want relatively cheap or even free healthcare, instead of the exhorbitant bills you pay? To be honest, I do like him in Diagnosis Murder and love that he was an ardent user of the Commodore Amiga, and he is very charming, charismatic and bubbly in his outlook. Braveheart is NOTORIOUS for its historical INaccuracy! How come? Dick Van Dyke is a COMPLETE ASSHOLE and he's still alive! View all replies >