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To understand this movie and Luc Besson, you need to have knowledge about French SF comics from the 60's and 70's. The film is based on the comic Valérian et Laureline. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Val%C3%A9rian_and_Laureline In this film it is the Christians who are anti-Christian. Realize there are people who are so eager to correct others that they overlook the most obvious troll post... I salute you, sir, for this tiny masterpiece. "... starting another WORLD war" That's what they said in the film. The trauma of that single touch and one time shouting was so severe it took her 32 years to even talk about it. Gallows humor. It's like I'm reading Frasier Crane's pedantic little brother. Don't wait but go hunt for them yourself, 40+ year old women love young guys and they'll teach you a trick or two at the same time. You meet them online, be sure you play it honest and discrete because they need to feel safe. Make sure you have your own place to receive (because they are married) and they'll f*** you silly. And Jamie may look like a man, but he clearly identifies as a wimp. They say it in the documentary. McEnroe broke him. View all replies >