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Missed opportunity Was that Shannon Elizabeth’s actual body? Woke crap? Why did Antonio Banderas do this movie?? Another woke girl boss Is this liberal propaganda? Do they talk about how he was a pedo? The teacher that screwed her students wasn’t hot She does conventions? How do you think they will woke this up? View all posts >


The elderly woman had two extensions previously, had a large family that can help her out, and her response was basically to murder the bank worker Fuck her A woman that had two extensions already and her response was to assault the employee Fuck her Nobody said they did, but if she ever wants to make a comeback it might be hard to since she has made it clear she is a hard core conservative and Hollywood hates those types I’m not bashing her for her views, I’m saying Hollywood and their social media people will be against her Pretty sure that but Hollywood sees that as anti transgender I wonder if today there would be backlash against having so many people still in the cities including visible kids to get vaporized Is this any different than internet darlings RedLetterMedia? Who complain about the state of modern film yet seem to go out of their way to only review schlock? Far more men died on the Titanic Than women Just because people might be fine with letting gays do whatever they want with each other in the bedroom doesn’t mean they want to see it portrayed on the big screen Watched it and it was a lot of fun and Elisabeth Shue is such a dream girl. If I grew up in the 80s I would want a poster of her in my room View all replies >