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Awesome film! Simple but effective film What the fuck was Garland thinking when he wrote this? Andrew Garfield so happy to have received a personalized greeting video Downtown Does anyone here enjoy this movie... Top 3 roles? Disappointing Any Other Fans?? Personal Top Flanagan Films Was Maurice real? View all posts >


<blockquote>Also religions are about faith, means you are believing something can't be proven. Thor can be proven, believing in the supernatural power of Thor is not religion, it is science.</blockquote> Bingo. I remember arguing with an atheist many years ago. He was like, "I won't believe in God, unless he splits the sky open, steps down and announces himself" And it's like uh...why would you think that that's God. It could be an alien. Asking for proof to justify a position that isn't based on that sort of proof to begin with. lmfao. I'm so glad someone brought this up. Cap is presumably a Christian, and already denies Thor as being any sort of god. Also, Thor isn't even a god the same way a Christian or a Muslim would talk about. As far as they or anyone's concerned, Thor is a superpowered alien. Thor is still just a part of creation. Some incredible mental gymnastics there to hate on one film over the other. Looks promising! Hope this is a good one. Tight script is right. Such a nicely written written story from front to back. I'm still so disappointed in Miami Vice, as I excitedly went to theaters for that... And yeah lol, sometimes, there's some really good conversations to be had from the imdb era threads. Just a time capsule. But yeah, most movies don't really give any sort of resolution. Here, I think it's pretty clear that the powers that be are gonna protect him. He might even need witness protection after this lol Yeah, I would say it's his best role in an action film. I might consider one of his dramatic roles to be superior though. Just a reminder that doing drugs is bad, because you end up writing posts like this. It's fun, entertaining. Great acting. Definitely worth a watch. It's a rather unusual narrative. It's a little bit unpredictable, and thrilling the whole way. What exactly changed? I didn't think the movie to be particularly complicated. Found it equally entertaining on the second run around. View all replies >