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Jamie Chung hates whites but love Jews! The man who sucker-punched a NYC woman, whose video went viral, was charged with assault. Three women arrested for destroying restaurant! Susan Sarandon proclaims her hate for Israel Do women need men ? She's not a woman Do you still use a beeper ? A Jewish carer has admitted punching and kicking George Galloway, leaving him with a broken rib. Biden agrees to humanitarian aid for Gaza and promises to airdrop it in Ukraine Claiming that the Hamas fighter "raped me with his eyes". US Debt Rises $1 Trillion in 100 Days Dar Salim Why not cast a Jewish Leonard Bernstein ? Why do blacks have so (much) great hair ? Biden takes a cognitive test every day. Obama reflect on the Jew Ian Ziering was almost killed by whites ! Official Trailer In order to achieve Net Zero, aggressive carbon taxes need to be imposed on you! Joe Biden at war with Yemen