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The man who sucker-punched a NYC woman, whose video went viral, was charged with assault. Three women arrested for destroying restaurant! Susan Sarandon proclaims her hate for Israel Do women need men ? She's not a woman Do you still use a beeper ? A Jewish carer has admitted punching and kicking George Galloway, leaving him with a broken rib. Biden agrees to humanitarian aid for Gaza and promises to airdrop it in Ukraine Claiming that the Hamas fighter "raped me with his eyes". US Debt Rises $1 Trillion in 100 Days View all posts >

Replies Italian activists walks naked in front of migrants to prove that they are “good people”. Angela Chao, sister-in-law of Senator Mitch McConnell, who drowned in her vehicle 6 weeks ago, was the CEO of the shipping company that owned the massive cargo ship that hit the Key Bridge & caused its collapse just 24+ hours ago. Conspiracy? She is supposedly drunk, backs her car into a pond & dies. Then a few weeks later, a massive cargo ship she used to control, rams into the Key Bridge, collapsing it & causing untold damage & death. Did this bridge collapse happen on purpose & was Angela Chao killed bc she stumbled upon the real plot? What do you think is going on here? Check out this video : Value add, thank you ! But he is anti Israel ? Surely that is a great thing. I need to read up on this guy. Wait, what ?? How is this possible ? Is he well liked in the UK? I would imagine Sky News would crown this guy (the new) King. Good man!!! Canada is far behind as you guys are poor and developed compared to The US, America, but very advanced compared to Europe. I was in Quebec once and they did not understand a word of English, Fucking idiots. View all replies >