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Crap "actor" with codlips Gobby northern slapper Is this film woke? Annoying fat twat on UK TV Lying, grasping, hypocritical bitches WTF New trailer- trying for comedy after all! Brand accused of ''rape and sexual assault''! Old. Shock value has long gone More like FAG White folks don't find this film racist? Imagine that... View all posts >


Not bad for an ugly ginger So what? In Trainspotting, Begbie does the same. America's a racist shithole, has IT been ''cancelled''? I was bored with the Witches one and since You're being a sarcy c*nt, then. No, we all did "Sob...sob..., a man walked on the same street as me 48yrs ago...I'm still traumatised" Translation- Women can get ahead and make a fortune from extremist Fem-Rainbow misandry. Especially now he's embarrassed the Savile-defending BBC and also Hollywood's ''elite'' paedo's and occultists. Hilarious! And has he cleaned his frilly briefs since he was choked out and crapped in them? Good post. The Nancies started off murdering [disabled] children View all replies >