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What is this paranoid, racist c*nt doing on a film site...? Selfish drugged up fucker If made nowadays... Well, the fat orange pedo would insist on threatening the CIA...? Who wouldn't have given Hoffs one? Stupid name... Great action and comic one-liners for US fans, but a film without a heart or soul. This guy's made some great movies... Well done, girls! Cheeky, stuck-up old c*nt. View all posts >


Those in favour, say 'aye'. Lol, agreed! Good point. Plenty of past films have also depicted white evil men? Hell, look at the 70's CIA films. Yet another whiny stupid lying b*tch. Sounds like she would have deserved it, though. Selfish, agenda-driven 'Fem' - no. But EQUALITY (which no lobby group ever says)- yes. Into tiny tittlettes, are you? Set 250-300yrs before he was born? You are closet gay, seeing homoeroticism everywhere. Yes, probable, but underlying insanity, weirdness and perversion. He's right. Nazis and neo-nancies are lame and revolting cowards. Also retarded educationally. Americans, adored the world over (lol) love their racism, though. View all replies >