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The thread is 3 years old. Bushbobo went off half cocked on an old thread. If you read the article posted by the OP The A.V. Club was asking questions to Lance about his career, what worked, what didn't, how he chose roles etc. I thought he presented himself well. I don't know why the OP was offended. An actor speaking in the first person about his career. "Hey Hitler is dead too. Should we cut him some slack too?" What?! RIP "lebron james is the goat. he leads in scoring defense. no1 is better than the king." Lebron James looks like a goat with that beard. Michael Jordan is the greatest of all time. Lebron also has a low IQ, tattoos everywhere. If he wasn't a star basketball player nobody would know who he was. J.K. Rowling will be remembered as a great author. A towering figure in literature. Her stature is such that no temporary woke nonsense or simple-minded basketball fan will diminish her legacy in any way. Pulp Fiction is arguably Quentin Tarantino's best work. One of the first examples of a postmodernernist film. Cold-Blooded is a forgotten film. I don't like those awful tongue studs either. I find them gross. Elon Musk tweeted that Donald Trump will win in a landslide if they arrest him on these nonsensical charges. TRUMP 2024 What's all this "overrated" nonsense? Farrah was beautiful. She had a unique face and a radiant smile. That poster was breathtaking. That is why Tony Manero had it in his room in Saturday Night Fever. Some posters on this board need to see an optometrist. Or post the board of a male actor if you are homosexual. Fans- do you love Farrah? Here- "Obviously, money and quality have nothing to do with each other." An absolute statement. Surely you are being hyberbolic. I have A Touch of Evil. I haven't seen it in decades. I'll probably watch it again based on posts I've read on this board. "Welles is one of the greatest filmmakers." Aside from Citizen Kane which films do you think were great? Not necessarily. I didn't say he was a bad filmmaker because his movies didn't make much money. Just asking. Many consider Citizen Kane to be a great film. The box office was sabotaged by the studios and William Hearst. It also impacted his ability to make films with major studios. I'd say he was a good filmmaker. Was he a great filmmaker? Citizen Kane was a great film imo. So yes, he did make at least one great movie. I haven't seen A Touch of Evil in many years. Not since I was young. I recall I didn't care for it very much. It did not have an impact. Good question. You may be right. Was he a bad filmmaker? Frank Grillo was really good in this film. View all replies >