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Take it easy Kendricks. Go drink a cup of coffee or tea or something. I know nothing about this film or what she went through during production. So I do not have an opinion on her comments. I like Kirsten. So there you are. He doesn't know me as far as I know. Maybe he is talking about someone else. "...he doesn't like trans athletes competing in women's sports...." That is not "wrong" Ace. He is 100% correct. He got off with a light sentence because he <i>is</i> Pierce Brosnan. "By our logic, a $1500 fine is a pretty meager punishment. Heck, that’s probably the value of the pink wingtips that match the suit he’s wearing in the above photo." His punishment would have been more severe if he was <i>not</i> Pierce Brosnan. He has reportedly decided to drop this project. I don't know if that decision is final. His reasons are unknown at this time. Keys was WRONG. Whether he is unlucky is debatable. What is undisputed is that he is rich. On suicide watch? Why? The Gimp's sleeping. Great idea! They should still keep looking. OJ never found them but a good cold case detective might. Hertz! View all replies >