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She does not get noise? At the end, it shows that Todd remember her saying, that she stay for the sake of her parents on the planet. Imo the movie did not do well in telling this story, also when I agree this was likely the intention. The main eagle first pick on him, but then change after Noahs dad died. Imo there was no reason for him to be so cool, they should have e.g. showed how Noah rescue the main eagle from the gorilla or something, this would have explained why he gained first respect. Instead the eagle even picks on him when he free him. Another story would have been the one of the "big brother", where the little brother gains the respect because of what he does. But the eagle basically never shows up during Noahs adventure. So for me the eagles became a total deus ex machina in the end. They could have e.g. just show how the eagles follow Noah, and the main eagle also sometimes kind of admit that Noah was growing into leadership. *shocked face* I can't wait for the time Inglourious Basterds or Indiana Jones 1/3 starts with a text informing the watcher, that the movie has stereotypical depiction of German military officer. I have searched the internet now for this allegation and the ONLY source I could find was a definitely not neutral party, who at best is just a die hard Kevin Spacey fan. I even read through the lawsuit papers and learned, that Rapp was even not the only one, as another anonymous person also filled complain against Spacey. Let's say it like this, if he lied, Spacey would be for sure going against Rapp publicly for slander and lying under oath. Especially with the new allegations coming from the fresh released documentary, this would be a great counter information campaign. I don't have a problem with the ending itself from a perspective UNTIL they bring Barney and Robin together. I really hated the idea of Barney and Robin and think it was a massive mistake to bring them together - but it worked!?! And they know each other already good enough, so their explanation that it just didn't worked out was very unsatisfying. They should have let them break up earlier, but they did that also too late. Also is it a thing that, after marrying a long term friend and getting through divorce, you try it with your next long term friend??? The mistake of the show were the last two seasons. Season 8 should have been the end, halfway through we meet the mother, get half a season to like her and then bam. Meanwhile Barney and Robin didn't worked out and end. The last episode I watched from my recordings was the 24 Minutes one. But I had back then already 3 or 4 seasons on backlog and just watched the ones which looked interesting. Checking the episodes, I stop remembering definitely scenes from Season 11, so I guess Season 10 was my last really regular season. We talk about an event happened behind closed doors 40 years ago. Its word agains word and in this case, by law Kevin Spacey was found innocent. But lets say it like this: It was long before an open secret in Hollywood that Spacey like young man. So is it true? Maybe. But for me Spacey found only innocent as it could not be proven that he did it. Do I hate Spacey? No, as I am aware there were never allegations that he drugged people (against their will) like e.g. Bill Cosby did. He is just morally despicable, and even if we would publically punish that, I don't see Spacey as a frontrunner. The one side is off, and as we see the second coming off, we can assume this also happened with the first. Yes, the premise sounds stupid, but I think people are more pissed because they were misled there was something bigger in play and not just the nature. It is by far not a good movie, but also not a bad one. The lion scene so is really bad imo. Just checked it again on youtube and the lions are quite easy pull the guys arms off. Not sure if a lion could do it anyhow, but for sure the hand would earlier get pulled off as the whole arm. View all replies >