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Did Vegas ban those guys klacking their stripper cards that ended up littering all over the sidewalks? That's my fond memory of Vegas. You are insinuating defining via a specific topic up there. Terribly projectifying. Because work has moved from your physical, flat wooden desktop space, to your computer's screen "desktop". Screens need to be larger or more of them to do your work. I run 3 4k screens at home and office. Nope No interest Don't care. Further, as an outside, I feel our addiction to crime based shows is extremely detrimental to our mental health and even society, where we CHOSE to observe crime evils as "entertainment". But it has become so normalized, no one recognizes this issue anymore. I'm sure that is an unpopular opinion, but that doesn't make me wrong either. You are right. You don't understand. This is true. There are many things women don't understand or can't seem to grasp.... this or that should be equal... It isn't and that is how it is. Even whether you understand it or not. Just accept Reality. Wrong. I don't follow our bother with celebs or sports people. It's weird that anyone does. Just voicing my opinion on this public board. not sure what is going on here, but the hint is in the first line: Conversation with Gemini Gemini is a creative AI thing from google so this is probably copied from there. not sure what the point is. I still bet its some spy info none no clue don't care if free bots post crap creating clicks, and we also respond to it, it's just more ad revenue so why not most likely, this is a encrypted message some criminals or war raging country is using to pass information along a path that is far, far less examined by any intelligence agency.... because there is very little intelligence happening in here :D MODS: please block these senselessly noisy AI bots from posting this endless nonsense I know I speak for ALL the waffle people here in that we are sick and tired of having the PNCK people constantly shoving their PNCK agendas in our face. What, with all the butter this, syrup that, fluffy whatevers.... we are just tired of it. We're never going to accept PNCK lifestyle as normal, and don't think our children should be subjected to PNCK in our schools either. Just enjoy whatever you enjoy and keep it to yourself! Not that there's anything wrong with it. :D Hang on while I call the waaambulance! Here's a thought: if they don't like it, leave. God, I'm a genius!!! I do not, but I have a friend who does. He's not too good at it. I bet there are some REDDIT threads out there that could help you out. work on your trolling skills, bruh OMFG! World is FUBAR wow. that is astounding isnt it? how wearing hypocratic blinders can affect people... without them ever noticing. also, btw, we are just going down the unproven, speculative, total fiction ideas at this point in this conversation. :) which, without any actual proof (other than words on this page) is pointless. is this what they said when they got away from the gold standard also? is everyone NOW currently enslaved because the gold standard went away? understand, I'm neither for nor against digital money paper anything, just trying to understand why everyone thinks these horrible fiction ideas are relevant just because they are propagated online. Also, one can't cut off people they disapprove of.... who would do all the work keeping the fat cats rich? they can't thrive without all the people that would supposedly be affected by this. that makes as much sense as "the rish want to kill off half the population"... yeah, no, they need population to make them more money. same deal. also THIS is on their website 2. Will a U.S. CBDC replace cash or paper currency? The Federal Reserve is committed to ensuring the continued safety and availability of cash and is considering a CBDC as a <b>means to expand safe payment options, not to reduce or replace them.</b>