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your death bed wisdom... sounds like a 30 minute twilight zone episode swap leads for Ryan Gosling and Ryan Reynolds The jury acquitted Spacey of all charges. IN THE FUTURE, when AI recreates full historical events that were never recorded... STOP answering "fun" or personal questions on here nothing to see folks did you get covid from 5G cell towers? hydroxychloroquine profits [deleted] View all posts >


Nope. Pull up your boot straps and get moving. Life is too short. Find a better job. It won't come to you, step up and go get it. oh that was ba-a-a-a-a-a-a-a-a-a-d! * What's the difference between a gay romance in a TV show or film, and a straight romance? > I'm not sure I understand you fully. maybe it is consensual * Go to a nightclub sometime and tell me how heterosexual it isn't. > What is it that you really want to know? [replies courtesy of Eliza AI bot. takes one to talk to one] > Are such questions on your mind often? OP was a joke. So, go where ever you want with that. I realize COMEDY is now Policitally Incorrect because it might offend someone. Fuck it. I like to laugh. :D generally speaking, no, straights don't GENERALLY bring up their sex lives all the time. there are always anecdotal outliers. it's not even about that. it's about straight being NORMAL, and not straight being NOT NORMAL that straight don't want to hear about. like it or not, it's a majority rule thing... because that is how life works on Earth. saying"----SEXUAL" anything means... well... .'Sexual'. You can't make it not mean that. It means that. GENERALLY, parents would like control of what and when their children learn about sex. It's not communal, it's a parents right. Pride: here's a fact slap: white or straight or short or fat or regular people get attacked all the time. Sadly. It's not one tiny group that deserves any special celebration. Some common sense: if I liked to have sex with chickens, and the majority beat the fuck out of people who had sex with chickens, I would shut up about it. But that is just me, being logical and protecting my self. NOT saying it's okay to attack anyone... again, just using another real world common sense example. Would that be being true to myself? It doesn't matter. I don't want the fuck beat out of me. :) My hetero friend comment was just dark humor more than anything. -- beating someone up for non-stop blabbing about something. Even conquests. I even had that instance recently where I told a guy friend (guys are extremely honest, direct, and pragmatic with each other) "We know, we know, we heard you the last 10 times you told us over the last 10 days". Literally said that. My parade attempt was to point out the obvious societal hipocrisies existing: every margenaliged group can openly desciminate against others, but if tables were turned and whitey does it, it's full out hatred racism. If I had a hetero family parade, the only OBVIOUS conclusion is we HATE gays. (sarcasm). It's like when I go to a jazz club open jam, and they don't allow rock and rollers, opera singers, or hip hop rappers to join, it OBVIOUSLY means they are racist and hating. :) This topic is more than 2 days old now and nothing more good can come out of it. so I dont plan to revist this much. Maybe once more with you. never forget the beauty of the internet is that you don't HAVE TO unpack anything ever. you can easily ignore and move on. I don't mind. :) it's just online babbling. but I'll review all this later if time, since you took the time to respond Doh! ok, it must work then. View all replies >