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Name your favorite movies told from the villains Point of View What's the longest you've ever been stuck in traffic? Do you miss "Water cooler shows"? Do you miss opening title sequences & songs for tv shows? Renewed for seasons 2 & 3 after 8 years... Are you a fan of Scooby Doo? Winners of the League Cup! A spinoff is happening Solid second season EXCEPT... Coulda picked people with better chemistry View all posts >


6.5/10. I like the second half of his career. Don't really care for his earlier roles. He's had a really solid run from the 2010s to present day. In acting & directing. Ya, in definitely not expecting it to reach the same heights. Going in with low expectations. Hoping to be surprised. Never bothered Trainspotting 2 cause the OG is one of the finest films ever made imo. But I do wanna check it out some day I think going forward, we're gonna be seeing more long movies. Cause some, if not most of the these are being made for or with streaming in mind. Cause unlike a theatre, at home, you can pause a movie, go to the bathroom, make dinner or whatever & just watch it in chunks. Dawn of the Dead is a good movie but it's not a sequel but a remake of the 1978 movie. T2 is a sequel. Excellent, charming, charismatic actor. 8/10. Miniatures + good set design > Excessive CGI. I think Attack of the Clones is the worst offender. It's honestly my least favorite Star Wars movie, so far. It's like an attack on your senses. You know what I mean? Lucas only had "yes people" around him making the prequel trilogy. That's why he went overboard in all departments. The behind the scenes of the prequels is honestly a fascinating watch. More entertaining than the finished product. The actors had absolutely no idea what they were reacting to or interacting with and it really affected their performances. For real? You mean he's actually done after this? Hope he goes out on a high note. View all replies >