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The "pause for applause moments" Monk movie in the works Anyone else miss kid Cassie? What was the last Will Smith film that you genuinely loved? Was NOT expecting a second season Name a role that made you a fan of an actor/actresses What was your FIRST Sly Stallone movie? "It's awful but I'm gonna keep watching it" Name a show (or shows) that peaked with their first season What was your first JCVD movie? View all posts >


Daniel Day Lewis is "Scary Good". Like he never fails to amaze me. Another one is Jim Carrey. I grew up on his "goofy movies". When I saw him in a serious/dramatic role, I was legit blown away. He was absolutely fantastic in The Truman Show. And equally excellent in Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind. Roblox_OOF.mp3 by "Hbomberguy" (2022 YouTube) - I don't usually watch hour long YouTube videos (apart from Redlettermedia content) but this was honestly one of the most intriguing things I've ever watched. It's starts out normal like & just falls down a rabbit hole. It's pretty great. Good writing & good performances. In terms of action films, good action choreography & good camera work is a definite plus Understandable Minor injuries? Really? Genuinely glad that's the case Cause that looks like something straight outta a disaster movie Fyre Festival. Not quite the biggest scam but one of the funniest train wrecks I've ever witnessed. Depends on If I break it or not. Otherwise, I usually upgrade it when the battery gives out. Right now, I've had my Samsung A72 for about a year & a half and the battery lasts a day & a half to 2 days. Depending on usage. So, I'm good for at least another year or 2. Makes some fantastic direct to video action flicks. He's pretty great! I'm with ya on the bland thing. It doesn't even feel like a Ritchie movie. More like something he was brought on to do. Like Aladdin View all replies >