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As Robert Neville said... That woman is.. Even earler version? Boldly to go; To go boldly; To boldly go... THE SWINE ARE AT THE TROUGH. The name puts me off. Sooooooo sexy!!!!! Looks Russian. Fool's face. "Bubba diddun do it!"" View all posts >


<i>"They are about creating a society where the working class has the power instead of a handful of a oligarchic parasites."</i> Then a few of the more motivated ones in that working class get busier than the rest and rise to become the new oligarchic parasites. Well, they're certainly haunting. As in, spooky, ghoulish, and menacing. You've "got work to do". Better get to it. People lose teeth talking like that.. You're running out of snappy rejoinders, sunshine. Must be time to give it up. ^^^ It'd take a better man than you to "outrage" me, chum. If you can't express yourself lucidly, it's best not to write about your personal life on net forums. And the only thing I'm being careful about is not turning into as much of a laughing stock as <B><i>you</i></b>... I "did this" for a diversion on a cold wet morning. Rubbishing dumbasses always cheers me up. And I'm not "outraged", I'm amused. A toothbrush that was being "thrown out" sounds like a used toothbrush to me! Learn to write. Don't use slang cliches. View all replies >