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Garbage Doesn't care a single wit if he does anything good ... Steve Buscemi , you know, that funny looking guy ... got punched by some random whack-o in NYC Problem is ... Jerk demolished an historic home to build a big mansion Joe Biden's interview with Howard Stern ( decide for yourself ) Howard Stern's interview with Joe Biden ( decide for yourself ) Ari Berman's book "Minority Rule: The Right-Wing Attack on the Will of the People - and the Fight to Resist It" Interesting, I never know what Edgar Rice Burroughs looked like His picture View all posts >


You people who post this kind of stuff are totally superficial and know nothing about women. This is a very sick culture, and the people in it are not better than Hamas in terms of what they want to do to Western civilization. Or like Nicholas Cage, who is Coppola's nephew. There is a ton of stealth nepotism in Hollywood. I agree with you on Adam Driver. I can barely stand to look at his weird face for the length of a movie, and his acting ability doesn't impress me. >> His weird pseudo-mystrious face and his beady eyes may appeal to some women but not me. Does this mean you are a women, and if so, Herman is an odd name to choose. This is interesting ... you can sync your old IMDB account comments up with your account. Just did this and it works. Very clever. That'll do for the idiot's version. And you are the typical Trump supporter. Proved my point pinhead. Trump's answer to criticism - lie about the other guy. How stupid do you Trumpers get? <b>Gavin Newsom, during his speech at the Vatican on climate change, accuses Trump of ‘open corruption’ </b> <i><b>The California governor referenced news stories alleging that Trump recently solicited campaign donations from oil executives and at the same event vowed to walk back climate protections if elected in the 2024 presidential contest. “He openly asked them for $1 billion to roll back the environmental progress of the Biden administration, environmental progress that we’ve made over the course of the last half century,” Newsom said. “Open corruption. A billion dollars to pollute our states, to pollute our country, and to pollute this planet and roll back progress.”</b></i> View all replies >