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I'd rather see a comedy version of this, John Woke Do you like apples? March 17, 2023, Dead at 60 ... what happened? Breaking Away is light-years better, this is essentially a stupid movie Maybe we need to regulate banks and railroads instead of books and uteruses? Perfect example of a movie with two big stars of the time ... Is Beyonce a real name or a made up name Why did the cannibals get so miffed at Joel for killing one of theirs? A bit about the books , Wool, Shift, Dust, the ultimate apocalypse series. Out on May 5th this year View all posts >


It's a business, of course they make movies that make people feel good. You guys don't feel good unless you are watching KKK or Nazi movies. Too bad no one makes movies for you these days. You could move to Ukraine and pick up a gun to defend your Nazi ideaology though. Well said, very reasonable. The original movie was no bad. Don't expect your sensible comment to get a very warm reply from OP. They just drop in to bitch and moan that the world is passing them by. All movies these days look contrived. You know what's contrived, is the constant whining about woke. Follow your own advice, if you don't like, don't watch it. If all Hollywood is so woke, what are you doing on MovieChat anyway? Breitbart ... what a model life ... dead at 43. So full of hate and toxicity he went for a simple walk and dropped dead. Nothing would ultimately be better for the United States, and that's why Trump supporters will not rally, riot or repeat Jan 6th. If Trump voters make a scene and if they are violent, they iron fist will come out and they will be put down hard, and rightfully so. From that point on it will be driven home to all Americans that the Trump folks are toxic and need to be shunned and watched very carefully. Then, I hope it doesn't happen, but it will be the Democrats' responsibility to do something really stupid to keep the Republicans relevant, because that is how it works in America - the Right and the Left are manipulated to make sure they don't ever agree on anything or get anything done that can threaten those who want to make children work, or get rid of Social Security and Medicare and make sure we don't get universal health care or public education. Maybe Dems will send American troops to Ukraine, or start a war over Taiwan. But, in other words, Republicans, make our day! Go ahead, try something. Cause you star in it, right, Lardass? That's BS. They can't afford whatever they can get away with stealing from people. In an era of massive widening inequality, that is just total BS. What have you got against the French? Would you like to lose two years of your life? Come on, they blame everything on woke. Picking out a quote from someone and basing the whole history of Covid on one out of context comment ... well, it's the kind of goofball tactic from the Right that most people are sick of. View all replies >