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This is quite an ancient topic! I'm surprised I never posted it in though given my agreement with it. There are some truly great and classic anime films but this one really isn't that. It's not terrible per se, but it's rather underwhelming the older you get. It was a perfect film for teens and young adults back in the 90s when anime's exposure to the west was still limited. But it really just doesn't hold up well and comes off kind of trashy in a way. My name was TutuAnimationPrincess. I had to shorten it here due to the character limit. This is a fantastic film in its own right, but it is not better than the classic musical. And no, you saying no one will admit it doesn’t make your declaration factual. Obviously this is an entirely subjective matter, but Tangled is my personal favorite Disney film. Great characters, story, everything else, it’s really among the best at what it does. X-Men did linear stories better, but most everything else was done better in Batman TAS. I like both to this day, but Batman at it's best remains better than many animated shows, even now. Realistically it's not worth getting mad at The Simpsons at this point. The best thing to do is ignore it and hope it will finally go away. Apu is one of the series most iconic characters so of course he's a bigger target. Most probably don'd know who Julio is, at least not off the top of their heads. It's stupid either way, but such is the way of today. No, Palpatine was Naboo’s Senator before becoming Supreme Chancellor. In defense of Jack Napier killing Bruce Wayne’s parents, the creator of Batman said he would have written things that way had The Joker been created at the time. I had no issues with Daisy Ridley's performance and even the Rey character was mostly fine in this movie. It's the terrible writing in the sequels that ended up hurting the character. View all replies >