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Women pretending to be men is a non-issues. The best case scenario is that they pass as a manlet and are mediocre at all things men do. Men pretending to be women, the men have the ability to dominate most female professions. I think its hilarious and we need more of this. This is some of the dumbest shit in history. Movie was comically dumb. German's were a cartoon version of evil villain. Yes, worked oil rigs for 10 years before becoming an engineer. Flow line: general term, likely the a high pressure pipe attached to the wellhead, drill pipe or BOP. (Blow out preventer). In this case i would guess its on the top drive. Kill line: the high pressure pipe attached to BOP on top of the wellbore. The well is considered killed if the hydrostatic pressure is greater than the formation pressure. This is achieved by using a higher density fluid, aka drilling mud. It also lubricates the drill bit. There should be mud: They are probably seeing formation fluids at surface which indicates the formation pressure is greater than the hydrostatic pressure. If this is not controlled the high pressure formation will naturally equalize pressure with the lower pressure atmosphere, resulting in a blow out. There any many preventative step to take to remedy this situation, all of which failed here. I wouldn't say obsessed. 1. No, Rural culture involves premarital sex and partying in the teenage years 2. Yes - perverts do not add value to a community 3. Yes - 99.9% of abortions are caused by poor impulse control, use birth control. 0.00001% are due to rape. 4. Obviously, dysgenic practices are not ideal with livestock or pets. Humans are no different. 5. Over representation in positions of power, Yes Whore.2.1994.LASERDISC.x264-MEMETiC Found it here. Torrent is still live, i'll seed for a bit incase any one else wants it She likes her cum. And two dicks in her. Yes. I am enjoying season 2 That one woman is unsettling to look at. She looks like a grey alien with human skin. When gilmore girls first came out I liked the daughter. Rewatching 2 decades later with wife, i realized the mom was the hot one all along View all replies >