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Such a terrible movie Enough Shot out to Just Go With it I am only two episodes in Think he Need more upvotes! WOOT! I liked this movie more than any of the Bourne Sequels. This was a great show until it wasn't. View all posts >


It was a 2/10 for me. Nothing worked. The villains were half baked and shitty. The story was all over the place and the whole thing was just a dull mess. Falcon's new suit at the end was absurd. It would be a lot better if the show dumped the narration overlay of the two characters love letters. There are some interesting characters, it is chocked full of YA tropes and story points. It is a meh. They slobbering all over this show is staggering to me. It is dogshit. Well yeah.. That is painfully obvious Apple TV is a box that connects to a TV into the TV's HDMI port. Smart TV is a TV that has applets (netflix/HBOGO/music etc). One thing that is generally not known about WWII ships is that there was no air conditioning on them and not great places for the sailors to sleep. So the Japanese sailors and in particularly the japanese pilots had been at sea for 6 months and had terrible sleep. It affected their performance in the battle of the coral sea and more importantly for the battle of Midway. Which happened a month later. The battle of Midway was one sided crushing.. no curb stomping of the Japanese, victory for the US. After that the US never lost another battle in the Pacific that mattered. "What would have happened? Could the Nimitz have even stayed combat ready long enough to shorten the war?" The War in the Pacific between Japan was never a contest. Take a look at the order of battles. - Pearl Harbor/Philippines/Wake Island: You might so foolish to think it was a Japanese victory. Strategically it was a total disaster. In the words of Winston Churchill. When the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor they lit a furnace that was going to heat the world. That attack ended all internal opposition to war in the US and flipped the switch on making the greatest industrial power in the history of the world from a peace time industry to a war time one. Tactically it was also a total disaster: Yes Japan took control of Wake Island and the Philippines. Neither of those territories greatly served Japan strategically or tactically. Yes they sank a lot of US battle ships in the harbor. NOTE: in the harbor. So by removing the US battleships the US Navy went from a 16 knot Navy to a 28 Knot Navy. Battleships were the center of the US's naval philosophy and tactics but were slow and really obsolete. Sinking them forced the US to fully embrace the carrier as the centerpiece. Also they sunk those battleships in harbor, which allowed the vast majority of the US sailors to survive. If they had sunk the ships at sea it would have killed 20,000 sailors. Now the us had 20,000 well trained sailors who became the trainers for the next wave of sailors. Also the Japanese missed the fuel yards at Pearl. Those things contained 2 million gallons of fuel oil. It would have taken the US 2 years to replace that. So.. Pearl Harbor... Japanese win? If you say so.... Next major battle was the Coral Sea. It is generally recognized as a strategic win for the US and a tactical one for the Japanese.. Well it was about a month before the battle of Midway. The Death Eaters would have tortured them to death you moron. It is very straight forward. The pronounce it here: I do like Bryce Dallas Howard, Vincent D'Onofrio and Chris Pratt. Howard and D'Onofrio are awesome and Pratt is very good in a narrow range of roles. View all replies >