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2 episodes in and I'm out Whats with all the gay shit? I heard this has a pretty brutal rape scene The Narration *Spoilers* Well Congrats Spectre *Spoilers* The marketing lied Meh. Not as good as reviews made it out to be. Really was not that good Crap movies for angsty teenagers Should've been a mini series View all posts >


Halloween (1978) Halloween (2018) Halloween III: Season of the Witch Halloween Kills Halloween II Halloween (2007) Halloween H20 Halloween 4 Halloween 5 Halloween II (2009) Halloween 6 Halloween: Resurrection Ok, but it feels like it's more a show about a kid struggling with his sexuality in High School that a Chucky show. *SPOILERS* He doesn't. A hybrid lamb/man creature goes into their stable one night and bangs one of the sheep which results in the hybrid being born. Well he is an asshole after all. Agree with everything you said. The Sopranos is my all-time favorite show, but this movie was just a fucking trainwreck from start to end. Deadpool 2 was not better than the first. 4 and 5 were both boring as shit. H20 was only good in the last half hour. Aside from III, all of the sequels in the original series were shit. They also tried to force the homosexual agenda. shut the fuck up View all replies >