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Holy fuck this movie was broing! Not Good. Guess the twist The music was AWFUL! How hard will this one pander to the black audience? Pro Immigrant/Antifa , Anti-White/Conservative Film Better than reviews say. 7/10 Worst one of the series. Not as good as I remembered it IMAX Preview attached to F9 this weekend View all posts >


If you saw the rest of them and just now are complaning about it being too cartoonish, you're an idiot. For speaking the truth? You're the one who needs help. Felt the exact same way about it. Good acting and direction, but otherwise it was just sort of a run of the mill crime drama. I also found it hard to be sympathetic for Rick depsite him being fucked over. He had multiple opportunities to get out of the drug game and still kept going back. It was dull and all the jump scares were crap. I didn't like Conjuring 2 either, but at least that film had a couple of good jump scares. In this one you could predict all of them. LOL ok yeah sure. Really was genuis marketing for the time. Not yet it seems. They have 1 more film planned which I believe is suppose to be two parts. There is also going to be another Hobbs and Shaw movie as well. I don't know if it was because I was growing up and just moving on from these type of shows, but somewhere between 2003-2005 sounds about right. Probably around the time Rugrats ended and Spongebob started to really decline in quality. If you did, you wouldn't waste your time on such garbage. Purge Anarchy was the only decent one in the series. Election Year was trying way too hard to be political and ending up becoming exactly what the series was trying to satirize. The First Purge was just an all around badly made movie. View all replies >