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Worth watching? Is the Director's Cut worth watching? Box Office Bomb incoming? How did he get so famous? Two unlikable douchebags talk about movies Ending was just a ripoff of Godfather Part III Saw a screening. First Trailer is Here Watched it last night. Not very good A band literally just released a song celebrating his death View all posts >


This movie wasn't even him being that crazy. Having his character be mute really prevented him from doing any of his Cageisms. First Blood Part II Rambo Rambo III Last Blood I don't care. Mentally Ill. There is a reason the last shot was her burning alive. No. Some of the Sgt's are portrayed as sociopaths, but it's pretty much said it's due to them having PTSD. Not a political film at all. Conservative ideas are nazi ideas so they shouldn't be tolerated. Do America. It felt more like a feature film while Simpsons Movie felt just like 4 episodes of the show put together and wasn't even nearly as funny as most of the episodes from seasons 3-11. You must have horrible taste. Idiot. It glorifies Hampton has some sort of brave revolutionary when he was really just a radical pushing for socialism. He was young and dumb. View all replies >