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God Awful. Wanted to walkout so bad Rumored to be Regal Mystery Movie tonight What a loser Will critics get fired if they give this a negative review? The last scene almost gave me a seizure What a load of horeshit Really not that bad Rumored to be the next Regal Mystery Movie on November 7th What are your thoughts on season 1 so far? Tom is back! View all posts >


Loved that episode. Green Day guest starring was a great choice Doubt it. It appears it is. Someone who works at a Regal theater claims the title of the print for tonights movie is "Chili" which was also the working title for this while it was in production. I'll give this one a shot since it's only $5, but it doesn't sound too promising and I'm expecting there to be a lot of walkouts tonight once it's revealed it's a musical. I agree. This one isn't gripping me in like the last one did. Anti-Immigration and anti-Conservative I haven't seen this one, but the first was god awful imo. Although, my friend who hated the first one said the second is actually pretty good. It does for sure. Will catch it in theaters for sure! Inland Empire i need to watch agan. I watched it once and it's something else and certainly Lynch's most out there and challenging film. I don't even know what I'd rate it. Manly isn't a reliable source That was pretty much what it was View all replies >