PersistentViewer's Replies

It's a code. Like Judge Dredd. Really strange complaint. I agree with that. Thanks for your thoughts. lol, good one. Thanks all. Appreciate all the suggestions. Moviechat is the best. Hot Ones (First we Feast). Not joking. lol No problem. Thanks for the information. I will have a look. No, but I think most people are afraid of how they will die, than dying itself. Well, that's my view anyway. No sure. It depends. I think $1000 is too much, but I would pay good money for a decent watch. I love wearing a watch. I saw it. Thanks for the suggestion. Still in the same place. Regrettably. Makes sense. Thanks. The facts as subtitles shown at the end of the film, alluded to this. Thanks for the confirmation. I agree. This was a disaster. Brittany Murphy was wonderful. Beautiful and sweet. This movie tried really hard to be funny, but failed on all fronts. Forgettable. I guess you and Colin are forgetting about all the black on white crime. There is lots. Never gets reported. But the FBI do release the statistics. I thought the movie was good. A bit overrated, but still a good watch. Yes. He is gay. Retarded ? He's just following the crowd. That usually gets you roles.