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Still trying to figure out... Terrible What is his true height ? 0/2 Ahsoka is a brat Renewed for Season 12 She's a cross between... Tom Selleck would've been Indiana Jones... When you freeze frame... View all posts >


I don't get the hype of this show. I watched it a long time ago, and for me still extremely overrated to even bad. Absolutely. This was brilliant. Endgame was god awful. Both were bad. This by far. I will even go as far as to say I don't like Returns. This is the only Batman movie for me. Yes, I was very disappointed, and they should've made him officially White Wolf, not just in passing. 8/10 I like that :) It's time to end this show. Heck, they should've ended it about 3-4 seasons ago. Yes, I realize that. I'm rather referring to the much older comics. The MCU is going to go so woke. I'll rather stick to the comics then. Kathryn Winnick would have done well in the role. View all replies >