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the woke crowd are insane. If you remove the Reeva storyline, it is actually really good. However, Reeva and her story just ruins the show. I think he's got better looking as he got older. The way you constructed the title of this message is all we need to know about you. On the ignore list you go. An 80's comedy with whacky characters and situations where they are fish out of water. It has the ingredients to be fun. It's not brilliant, but there are definitely some laughs in this. Definitely some fun to be had with this. I heard the Chinese Triad took him out. It definitely does not deserve 4.3. A better rating would be 5 - 5.5 out of 10. There's quite a few things to like about this. James Spader and Angela Basset are great. But everything felt rushed. Yes, the film is 90 minutes long, but should've been longer. The villain did not do it for me. Poor Robin. She was treated as a sex object in this. But I guess that's what she signed up for. I liked it when Nick was on the moon. Interesting to see the mining setup although it was quite dark, could not make out many things. This film had interesting ideas and special effects which were good. I might even revisit it sometime. Glad I watched it. First 4 seasons are great, 4 being the best in my view. After that, it declines. They are still together. Her choices are good. View all replies >