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Star Wars (1977) Revenge of the Sith (2005) Return of the Jedi (1983) in that order Empire after Jedi. #Spam Alert !!! Dumbed down audiences don't appreciate films like this. Can definitely relate to this. 80's were the absolute best. Give me a time machine, and I'm on my way. It was just such a great time to be alive. Not only was everyone fairly relaxed, but it was a fun decade. You felt safe where you lived, and there was law and order. Happy 7th MovieChat. And thank you. I've been on a few film discussion boards, but this feels like home. He was pretty good in Stranger Things, in the last season. It's so plastered with CGI, it's almost an animated movie. No, not everything. I watched the entire Ice Road Truckers, which was great. American Pickers is also great. Reality tv has that element of drama, but these two shows are the only ones I really pay attention to. View all replies >